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Chapter Index

0. Prologue

Season One

“You think I never come across one of you’s before? Never been tried to cross by one shitty little vampire who thinks he knows it all and will surely bring about that revolution ‘I never could’? You know what the difference is between me and them? I am alive.”

Season Two

“I, uh… I’m here to share something very dear to me with you. And that something dear… is my life. This is Tika Madden: An Autobiography. And tonight, I want to start at Chapter 20: Del Sol Valley, City of Stars.”

Season Three

The end of the world… Calder could handle that. But the one thing… the one thing he couldn’t handle, was the fear of losing his brother—and this fear was growing realer and realer every day. 

Fuck, Emil… he thought during an embarrassing public display of emotion, turning the jukebox up high so that maybe, no one would notice. I told you so.

Season Four

“I think we should bring that team of ours back for another mission. And maybe another one after that.. Ultimately, what I think has more to do with you than it does with me or even with us, Angelico. I think you’re letting yourself go to waste. I mean, I’m sorry to say it, but there’s a reason why I made the mistake of underestimating you before… and why I’m sure you’ve found others underestimating you as well. You have so much to offer… but you’ve been hiding it. You’ve been hiding all that great potential of yours behind so many things… like that Goody Two Shoes husband. That incessant need to change all these qualities that make you so great to comply with some loser who can’t appreciate you for who you really are. But I see it, Angelico. And I do appreciate it.”

“So… I say it’s about time to show yourself to the world—your real self. The self you’ve been hiding for way too long. And if there is anyone left who cannot appreciate that real self, we’ll make them. Starting with all those who have wronged you, underestimated you.”

Season Five

“If we continue to let those gods of yours decide, this island will be gone to shit within the year. And you’re wrong about one thing, Laka… it is within our power.”

“I mean, look around. Our island, our home, our everything, is dying. If things go on like this, then it won’t be long before there’s nothing left. Nothing but big chain restaurants promoting a fake Sulanian name… our homes will be bulldozed in favor of expensive five star hotels none of us could ever hope to afford. Our seas will be dug out to make room for airports and windmills, our wildlife destroyed. There will be no part left for us to roam, not an acre of invisible land—not even in our seas. Not even our oceans. Wherever we are, we will be followed. And it won’t be long until we will be found out, Laka.”

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