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This blog is interested in exploring one big question: what happens when an ensemble of losers and jackasses from all backgrounds and lifestates try to fit into a world that does not exactly cater to them?


PARIAH · · · Genre: supernatural drama · · · Rating: T · · · Cast: ensemble · · · Status: complete

Defeated, Remi Greene sat down on his bed and, without much of a prompt, decided to pour his heart out. He didn’t even know if Grim was still there and if he was, whether he was even listening. He didn’t expect him to. It’s not like anyone ever listened to him, anyway. But then when he fell silent at last, shoulders slumped, head in his hands, and he felt a cold, bony hand graze his shoulder ever so lightly, he promptly felt better than ever. He looked at Grim, Grim looked at him (or at least he imagined he did), and he slowly drew closer to him. A cackle escaped his lips when he briefly acknowledged the absurdity of this all. But all that didn’t matter. Life didn’t matter. Right now, Death did.

Strange(r) Things

XAOS · · · Genre: supernatural drama · · · Rating: M · · · Cast: ensemble · · · Status: in-progress

“I know.”

Maricela looked at James, then, and he was surprised to see how soft she looked. She didn’t look angry, or sad, or even disappointed. She just looked so damn soft.

“And I forgive you.”


When she stood up, he followed her. Then, when she finally came to a halt on the docks right by Brindleton Bay’s oldest – and most popular – wedding arch, he recognized the place immediately. Had he had breath, it would’ve caught in his throat.

Maricela turned to him. They stood and stared at each other for a while – as much as James wanted to break off this eye contact and the feelings it was stirring in him, he couldn’t.

Finally, she broke the moment; she kissed his cheek.

“Because I loved you once.”

With those words still ringing in his mind, she turned around. As Maricela left and James was left to his own thoughts, he absentmindedly watched the rain fall down. Heard the sound of raindrops splashing down into the puddles they had created. Felt it soak him. And as he stood watching Maricela go, he was brought back to fifty years ago, when he had stood in almost the exact same spot, preoccupied with thoughts of the very same woman.

Forever Young


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